Saturday, February 4, 2012

Land of the Lost

That's right I visited the land of the Lost on Wednesday. The Walmart clearance section. I'm not even sure how long I walked around there and it was only the 3 aisles in the garden section since they haven't started using it for garden items yet. There were a few items that I seriously considered buying. But I just don't have anywhere to put them or a reason to use them, yet. Want to know what they are? Well you are in luck I took photos with my phone. Ok, I did take pictures however I didn't realize there were two different locations that my photos could be saved. Turns out everything was saved to the phone not the memory disk. And for some stupid reason I can only access the memory disk when I hook it up to the computer. Oops figured out how to copy the files to the memory disk.

Black & Decker Belt Sander -3" x 18" - $35
What DIY blogger doesn't need some kind of sander. This is the only one of the 4 that said what the regular price was - $54.88 and now it is only $35. That is just short of $20 off! Please oh please I think my deal meter is going off telling me I need to buy it because I'll never find it this cheap again.

Black & Decker laser level - $22.97
I think one of these would be great for painting stripes on walls or hanging a bunch of pictures in a gallery wall. Hubby said he has used a laser level before and didn't like it.

Black & Decker Power Scissors - $19.88
I think the power scissors would be very useful when cutting those stupid plastic packages everything comes in that you can't seem to open without hurting yourself. The package also said that it was good for cutting cardboard and vinyl.

Black & Decker Rotary tool w/16 accessories - $25.88

I have no idea whether any of these tools are good, since I've never used them. Oh, but how I wanted them.  Also, have you ever noticed that just because it is in the clearance section or it is on sale it makes you want to buy it even more.

So has anyone used any of these? Are they any good? Maybe you have bought some new tools recently or have you gotten lost in the Clearance section of one of your favorite stores.