About Us

Welcome to Our Life In Design. 
My name is Kala and this good looking guy is my husband, Andrew.

We are a young couple living in New England. We met in high school and reconnected in college. We married on June 12, 2010, after dating for 5 years. I work as a Marketing Assistant/Graphic Designer for a large automotive group. Andrew is the Internet Sales Manager for the KIA dealership in the automotive group I work for. And we are self-proclaimed dorks. Check out the Furry Children tab to learn more about our kids.

I created this blog to not only share things with our family & friends about our new adventure together, but also as a way to journal our house hunt, purchase and any renovations/decorating we do in our first home(one day).

We had to pull out of a contract to buy our first house due to a leaky roof and Andrew's job getting eliminated back in September 2012. You can read more about the house here and here and here. We were really upset about losing the house but I think in the end it will turn out for the best. So here is to making things work for now and looking to the future.

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