Monday, June 17, 2013

Sheets Metal Trunk

So I think I can't start a post without saying, Sorry it has been awhile since I posted. Things have been a bit crazy lately. So first I'll give you a few updates.

As of the end of April, Andrew started working again. He sent out quite a few resumes and heard pretty much nothing from almost all of them. My company had been searching for an Internet Sales Manager for our KIA dealership and we decided that Andrew should give it a try. The weekly salary was a little higher than unemployment and then there is the monthly commission available which would make things better. His first month was slow but it wasn't his fault. Web leads have been down across the industry. This month has started out better and I have faith that he will do quite well. Pretty much what his job consists of is calling and emailing people who submit a lead online. He then tries to help people find the best deal and vehicle for their needs. Andrew sets an appointment for people to come in and then he sets them up with a salesman at the dealership. He gets a small commission for every appointment that shows and another slightly bigger one if that person buys a car. It is definitely not his dream job but it is keeping the bills paid. So if anybody is looking for a new KIA or a pre-owned vehicle in the Southeastern CT or RI area visit and send my hubby a web lead.

Second, we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary last week. How have 3 years already gone by? What is even crazier is we have been together for 8 years and known each other for 11 years. So we went out for our anniversary and had brunch at the Mohegan Sun buffet and I won $50 on the penny slots. The food was so good! We then went and stopped in a few stores near our apartment to look around. We stopped in TJ Maxx and found a great trunk. We have been looking for a new chest/trunk to put at the end of the bed to store our sheets and pillow cases. Here are a few pictures of our old one.

It was a cheap, simple storage chest that I picked up at Ocean State Job Lot like 4 years ago. The back piece bows out when you close it and the lid doesn't close all the way. So we brought this lovely lady home.

While looking at it and then when Andrew was carrying it to the checkout we had a couple people tell us what a nice trunk it was. One woman said she thought it looked kind of like one of the ones from Restoration Hardware. I do love me some Restoration Hardware and this one was like 95% less. Here is one that I found on the RH site that looks kind of similar and cost $1,995.

I love that it has the trunk lid and space for our sheets and then has two drawers for pillow cases and other items. It is covered with aluminum and has little marks that remind me a bullet holes. Andrew thinks it looks a little Steampunk and I tend to agree. The trim is made of some kind of leather like material, probably fake, and wood. And here are some detail shots.

I wouldn't say that Steampunk is my most favorite style but I do like the mix of industrial rustic look with the old Victorian style of a steamer trunk. I think one day I'd love our bedroom to have a mix of Traditional, Rustic, and Industrial styles. This trunk will definitely supply the rustic and industrial looks. Here are some of the inspiration photos I have pinned on Pinterest for our Master Bedroom.

Source - Only links to homepage not actual image location.
I love the blue gray wall color with the white trim. I want to do some board and batten when we have our own house. Add in dark wood furniture and the whites and creams plus a touch of green. I also like the look and feel of this next picture.


I like the rustic chandelier over the table and think it could look cool in a bedroom, too. Also it has the dark blue walls and all the white molding that I love. This last photo some people may find a little weird as a design inspiration photo. But the colors in this outfit work perfectly for the color scheme I want to use in the bedroom.


The blue jeans represent the wall color. The brown purse and/or belt is for the color of the dressers and nightstands. The natural fiber color of the sweater would be great as a comforter or rug. The green could be sheets or even jut some fun little pops of color in the accessories. I think I want hardwood floors and maybe some kind of rug under the bed so when we get up we aren't stepping on the cold floor. We'll see how it all comes together, one day.

And now that this post has gone so long I think I'll finish it here. Do you like my new trunk? What do you guys do for storage? Dreaming of how you want a specific room to look?

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  1. That purse is gorgeous. I looked it up and it was $525!!