Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Daffodils & a Giant Bunny - Easter 2014

So I decided to buy Rhia a new halter and lead line the other day. Her red one is still in pretty good shape but the new one is in my favorite color. I guess you would call it teal. It is kind of a blue green. I didn't put it on her the day I bought it because I wanted to take some photos of her in it and didn't have my camera that day. So I saved it for a nice day. That nice day ended up being the day before Easter. I "dressed" her up and brought her over to the nice green grass.

While taking photos of her I noticed some daffodils nearby. However, Rhia wouldn't cooperate and stand in front of the flowers. I decided the easier option was to pick a couple and put them in her halter.

On Easter Sunday I thought it would be nice if Andrew and I took a few pictures of us down in the park near our apartment. This was the first time I have ever used a timer on a camera and a tripod.

Andrew was great at posing for test shots so I could get the camera focused before I set the timer.

Things went relatively well except for the one shot where one leg of the tripod decided it wasn't locked and started slipping.

I've decided I need to buy a new tripod. One that truly locks in place and is a bit taller. I had to squat down every time I set it up. I also need to work on my settings. The ones I took of Rhia look great but the ones of us are a bit fuzzy. I think I had the depth set to short. Definitely a learning process. Happy Spring - Bring on the warmer weather!