Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You May Not Know...

...About Me!

So it seems like everyone does one of these posts at one time or another. It's a little bit of a peek into the blogger's life and adds a bit more of a personal feeling to the blogger - blog reader relationship.

I was born in North Dakota! 

Source - I added my name

Yup, out in the middle of no where. Dad was in the Air Force before he married Mom. Once they got married she moved out to ND with Dad. We moved to Connecticut in 1999, when Dad retired from the Air Force. The first school snow day in CT had me baffled. There was barely any snow. We used to have a couple feet on the ground and it was still coming down and we went to school. How cold was North Dakota you may ask? It wasn't unusual for us to hit -40 degrees. We stayed inside and bundled up when we went out. But that doesn't mean it didn't get hot in the Summer, oh no it was common for several days straight of 90 - 100 degrees.

I'm legally blind!


My vision started getting blurry around 4th grade. I had to get glasses but only so I could see the chalkboard. From then on it got progressively worse each year until I had to wear them full-time. I was still able to take them off and read a book but as time went by that book had to get closer and closer to my face. In 7th grade I talked my mom into letting me get contacts. I thought I looked like a big nerd with glasses. I still wear contacts today. Last year I got an updated pair of glasses in case I wanted to go without contacts from time to time but I feel like I see better with contacts, especially at night or where there are a lot of lights causing glare. I asked my eye doctor at my last appointment what was my vision on a scale of 20/20. Yeah..... her response, "You aren't even on that scale." I don't remember the exact numbers but pretty much if I don't have my glasses or contacts on I can't even see the huge E on the top of the chart clearly. I'm that blind.

I only have an Associates degree from a community college!


And I am perfectly fine with that. I was originally accepted by UCONN but didn't want to go away to college so I went to one of their local branches my first year and lived at home. During that first year of college I changed my major from Equine Business (Horses) to just Business. I ended up taking Economics and loved it and wanted to just focus on business. I decided at some point that first year that I didn't want to transfer to UCONN and that I just wanted to get my associates at our local community college. Once, there I took some advertising and graphics classes and changed my major to Marketing. Some people felt I was taking a step down by transferring to a community college and some ways I guess I could agree. But I'm not the type of person who wanted to go to 4+ years of college and get a big stressful job. I love being a Marketing Assistant and don't know if I want to be the person in charge.  That also means I get to stay in a creative position and do graphic design work. The best part about going to community college. I paid for each one of my semesters in full. I never had to borrow money for college. I really appreciate this everyday. That means we only have one student loan to worry about and less debt overall.

Andrew and I met in High School!

We met our Junior year when my best friend and I went to the movies and bowling. She invited a friend of hers and he brought Andrew. The movie we saw was Monsters Inc. I found out several years later that Andrew had a crush on me since that night. I'll admit I thought he was cute, too. :) We then hung out with mutual friends at school for the rest of high school. We didn't reconnect until our second year of college when I transferred to the community college. I guess that is another reason I'm happy that I transferred is because if I hadn't I might have never reconnected with my dear husband.

I have a sister!
Some of you probably figured I had some kind of sibling since I've mentioned my niece on here before. My sister is 11 years older than me and is actually my half sister. My sister, Vicki, is from our Mother's first marriage. I was a huge pain in her butt as a kid. She was in high school and I was just starting elementary school. Whenever, she had friends over I always wanted to hang out with them. Not really something a teenager wants when she has friends over. I also may have jumped on her early one Christmas morning and pulled her eyelids open. She really loved me that morning, LOL.

Most of my graphic design skills are self taught!

I took a total of 2 classes in college for graphic design. And although my teacher did teach me some stuff I read ahead most of the time because I picked it up pretty quick. There were a few times that me and a couple of my classmates had to help the teacher teach. Most of what I know comes from messing around with the programs, reading the text book and looking things up online when I don't know something. Don't get me wrong there is a ton more that I could learn but I just don't have the money for classes. I also really only know Photoshop and InDesign. I know next to nothing in Illustrator though I did just fumble my way through it to make a logo for work last month. Currently, I use my skills for print and web items at my work. Though I have recently started doing a bit of freelance work for a customer as well.

I think that covers a number of things that you might not have known about me prior to reading this post. Hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me. Feel free to ask me any questions and I might just answer them.