Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We Are The Champions!

So I had planned on posting a bunch of photos from some window shopping trips to Target and possibly some other stores. But I haven't dug up all the photos. Instead I figured I would share some photos of my niece and her High School volleyball team. My niece, Jessica, is a senior at the same high school that my husband and I graduated from almost 10 years ago. This was her second year on the volleyball team. Last year she was on JV but this year she made Varsity!

So I thought we would start out with a shot where you can actually see what miss Jessie looks like. Most of the others are action shots.

Every year they have a senior night (which not to honor the elderly) to honor the girls who are graduating this school year. Jessie and two other girls were the only seniors on the team.

We went to almost all the home games and then as the team made it to ECC's and the State Championship games we did a bit of travelling. Jessie's birthday happened to fall on the same day as one of their games. So, my sister made about 90 mini Panda cupcakes. Aren't they cute? They were delicious.

This was the first time LHS has ever made it to a semi-finals game for State's. Our girls won that and went on to the State Championship game. If you aren't familiar with the scoring for indoor volleyball. Each game is best of 5 sets. A team must score 25 points to win a set and must win by 2 points. If each team wins 2 sets then the 5th game only goes to 15 points. Now that you know that let me tell you that at the State Finals we(ranked 3rd) beat the 1st ranked team in the first 3 sets. It was crazy.

That girl can really get some air on those spikes. This was from the 3rd set but she also spiked a ball during the 2nd set for the winning point. She even got interviewed by one of the local papers after they won. Yes mister tie-dye shirt is a writer for the paper.

LHS had their first State title and Andrew and I were there to cheer the girls on. My sister wasn't able to make it because she had to work and my Mom and Dad were meeting Grandma, who was in-town on a bus trip. They would have gone to the game but it was on the other side of the state.

We were so excited to be there and see our girls win. Each girl received a metal and they gave a plaque to the coach and the MVP. Then of course we had to take the obligatory #1 team photo.

Congratulations LHS Girls Volleyball!!!

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