Monday, March 19, 2012

Head - Lights

Yeah so I didn't end up getting any of the things done this weekend that I posted here. However, we went to visit some friends at their new store they opened last year. The shopping plaza was amazing and had several stores I had never been too. One that many bloggers mention all the time and love, Anthropologie. It was my first time ever being to one and I fell in love with several items, but they were more expensive then I wanted to pay, so I did the next best thing. I took some pictures on my phone to share with you all.

Giraffe Paper-Mache Trophy - $68
This guy was my favorite and I really thought about buying him.

Rhino Paper-Mache Trophy - $68

Giraffe Door Knocker - $32
He was made of a nice heavy metal & I got close to buying him too.

If you didn't notice I have a bit of a thing for Giraffes. Some other things that I didn't take pictures of but I still love were all these great hooks.

Horse Bit Hook
Horse Bit Hook - $32
Stable Hook
Stable Hook - $

I think these Horse related hooks would look great in like a mudroom/hallway for hanging up coats and bags.

View From Here Hook
View From Here Hook - $20
Alphabet Hook
Alphabet Hooks - $12 each

I'm not sure where I would put the giraffe hook but I would love the alphabet hooks in a bathroom.

What am I going to do now. I think I'm obsessed with Anthropologie now and don't have the money for this obsession. I have another obsession Habitat for Humanity ReStore. We just happened to have been driving by ours on the way to the shopping plaza so I talked the Hubby into stopping. Yeah, so now I'm obsessed with this beautiful light fixture that they had there.

I think this is the same as the one I found here.

They actually had two of them brand new in the box. If it is the same lamp it is a Portfolio 23" Chrome Millbrook Pendant with a black linen shade and it is originally from Lowes. If  that is true then the retail price was $169 and the amazing ReStore price only $45. This makes me want to go back and get this chandelier even more. It is such a deal. However, I would just have to store it somewhere for now because I have no where to put it up.

Have you visited a new store recently and fell in love with there products? How about finding a really great deal?


  1. I LOVE the Restore! Hubby and I went last weekend and I fell in love with a light fixture, but hubby wouldn't let me buy it. Boo!

    1. Yeah when I said I loved that light fixture my Hubby asked me what I was going to do with it. My answer, well obviously just keep it in its box until we buy a house. I'm still thinking about it. I may have to go back next weekend to see if they still have one. Maybe I can negotiate a lower price.

  2. Hello!! Yes we were indeed up in your part of the country. Let me say - I loved it there. New Haven and NYC were so much fun! I'll definitely be going back for more visits. I'm glad you commented on my post because I had read your Monday post on my phone and meant to go back and comment - I am SO jealous of your ReStore! We used to have one here but it closed. Also I totally think I'm going to get those Anthro letter knobs for my front bathroom. How classy are they?!

    1. I'm glad you had a good time and that you found your way back to my blog in order to comment. I agree, those letter knob hooks are very classy. So simple and classical. I hope all your pups and kitty are well. My Mother-in-law had to put down my Hubby's childhood basset hound a couple weeks ago. Homer was 15 1/2.