Thursday, March 15, 2012

Project Paralysis & Procrastination

So yeah I'm a total procrastinator. I put off things and put off doing this blog. Pinterest is totally not helping either. You can just lose hours a day on there. Hubby makes fun of me for obsessing about Pinterest but he loves some of the stuff I find on there.
So here are some things that I want to do:
  • Help Dad repair Grandma's old chair that she gave him.
  • Remove the ripped up carpet on Brady's cat tower and replace it with some sisal rope and create some kind of pillow for the bed portion of it.
  • Make pillows from a few of my old sweaters
  • Create some art using reclaimed wood.

So the good news is I have supplies for some of these projects but not all of them. 

Dad's chair - Fixing this should be relatively easy but we'll see when we open it up. This picture on the right is similar to Dad's but I don't think the arms come out this far. The back kind of slopes down to the seat but not all the way to the front of the seat. The legs are a bit different too. His has more of like 4 peg legs attached to a base on the bottom of the chair so it swivels. It is the same fabric but in a brown tweed. One of the boards that the base is screwed into has snapped and most of the screw holes are stripped so the screws just fall out.

Brady's Cat Tower - I bought the sisal rope and may my first tool purchase. I now own my own staple gun. Yeah! Now I just have to figure out how to go about this project. 

Sweater Pillows - My black sweater should be straight forward - cut, sew, stuff and sew closed. But no I ran into a road block. The knit of my black sweater has some larger holes when stretched so if I don't line it with some kind of dark fabric you will see all the white stuffing. As for the other sweater I want to try and make a flower pillow like this:

Nice tutorial for flower pillow from a sweater!
So my main problem here is Project Paralysis. I'm at the point were I'm just afraid to start. I worry I'll start cutting the sweater at the wrong spot and not have enough fabric to finish. Also, I don't have a sewing machine so I will be doing this all by hand. Let's put it this way it has been a long time since I've done much sewing other than replacing a button.

Reclaimed Wood Art - I'm looking to get either some old wood or wood from a pallet. Put several pieces together and paint something kind of like this:

Original Modern Impasto Palette Knife Painting Landscape Tree Branches Birds Wall Decor "The Wedding Day III"

 BRIDES® Chocolate and Ivory Thank-You Cards, large
Thank You cards that matched our
invitations and design  that was
used throughout our wedding.
I love the scrolling branches and want to make them look a bit more like the scrolling pattern we had on our wedding invitations, centerpieces and the wedding cake. See the Thank You cards on the right. That is the look I want to go for. Gee, that scrolling pattern looks familiar, oh yeah it is the background of my blog. :) I guess I'm kind of obsessed. I think the birds are so cute and seem to be a little bird art obsessed right now. This is only one of like 5 art pieces with birds that I have pinned on Pinterest. So what is holding me back on this project? Well, living in an apartment doesn't help making wood projects. So I'll have to get the wood assembled at my parents' house since they have the tools and I think I can scavenge some wood from behind the shed. Also, once I finish I'm not sure where I'd put it since I'd be too afraid to hang something so heavy on the apartment's crappy plaster walls. 

So now I just have to get my bootie going and actually start doing some of these projects. Hopefully, I will have at least one of these projects done before the end of the month and posted here for you all to see. I think I will start one if not two of these this weekend.


  1. That chair is awesome! I posted my weekend to do list today too!

    1. I hope you get everything unpacked. I love checking your blog everyday to see what you have completed in your new house.

  2. That darn Pinterest gets me every time. Those pillows are so neat!

    1. Yup, Pinterest is our downfall. I love the flower pillow and am thinking of using an old blue sweater to make one for my niece. Depending how that goes I may end up making one for myself.