Friday, May 25, 2012

Gettin' Creative in Graphic Spaces

Recently we got a new-to-us desktop computer. Andrew brought one with him when we moved into or apartment but we never set it up and we aren't even sure how well it works. It had started giving him some issues prior to our move so there is a chance that it has a virus. So most of the time we do our surfing on the internet using my laptop. My Mother-in-law's boyfriend decided to buy a new computer so he gave us his old one. Which is in pretty good shape and has a ginormous hard drive. The best part is I just got a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 3. I'm so excited I still need to buy the upgrade to get CS5 but at least I now have a version of it at home. What good is a Graphic Artist without Adobe Creative Suite.

So now I need to make a Graphic Space to get creative in, but where? I hate the idea of having the computer in a separate room cut-off from everyone so I want to try and put it somewhere in our living room. However, most of the space is already taken up. Then I decided maybe I could fit a small desk right next to the couch. Not along the wall but along the actual arm of the couch. The space is 36" long x 18" deep. I think that should be enough space to fit a small desk. All that needs to fit on there is a flat screen monitor, keyboard and possibly a printer (if it doesn't fit then I'll just bring it out when I need it).

Here are some inspiration photos:

This one is pretty cool but I don't think it would work for the space I have even if I did it on just one side.

Computer Desk / Craft Desk / Study Desk

I want some shelves on one side almost like a bookshelf. If I made it myself I could possibly even use a small bookshelf to support one side of the top of the desk. I also wouldn't mind at least one cabinet or drawer to have some closed storage. One like the one below would be perfect except the cabinet side might have to be a little narrower.

Pinned Image

The big question is do I want to buy something new, used or try to build something. New might be expensive and may be a waste when we move into a house and have room for a larger desk. A used piece could be really fun to refinished and possible less expensive but it may take longer to find something the will fit the space and my needs. Building a desk on my own will take a little work but I'll be able to make exactly what I need. Then the other thing is that Hubby thinks the living room will be to crowded if we put a desk next to the couch.

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