Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crap for Sale, Art and the Horsey Dentist

So here is the rundown of my 3 day Memorial Day Weekend. It was so nice to have 3 days off and not have a bunch of things to do. Andrew also had Monday off which was a rare treat.

We headed off to my Mother-in-law's house to try and sell some of our extra crap at her yard sale. We got rid of some stuff but not a lot.

@Patty Boone....tips for a killer yard sale :)  I would only add one more tip...let your favorite friends preview your crap the night before!!!
I found this picture on Pinterest but when I clicked on the link I was told the image was reported as Spam.
OK so our crap wasn't that awesome. We made a little bit of money, which Andrew then used to pay for the tip at dinner Saturday night and for a hair cut on Sunday. It was crazy hot out and I got a sunburn on my shoulders and chest. Luckily the new face cream I'm using has SPF so I didn't get any burn on my face. We then drove back to the apartment and changed clothes since our other ones were super sweaty and gross. Then we went to one of the local casinos and hit-up the new buffet. YUMMY! They had some great food. Then used some free slot play that we had on a player's club card. We didn't win anything though. But our night out was free except for the money we left for a tip at the buffet, so that was good news.

I went and rode my horse, Rhia, while Andrew went and got his hairs cut. Then when I got back to the house I took a shower and we walked to the park near our house to check out the art show that they run every May. A bunch of local Artisans setup booth with their wares for sale. Their are oil painting, pen & ink drawings, wood sculptures, jewelry, and a bunch of neat other items. There was two booths where these guys layer pieces of wood stained in different colors to created pieces of art. They are amazing but not cheap. This horse head was $110 and that is one of his smaller/less intricate pieces.

Another person takes glass bottles, mostly alcoholic in nature, and makes them into wind chimes. There was a no pictures allowed sign but I didn't see it until after I took this photo. And anyways why don't they want pictures? Are they afraid someone will take there idea. I've got bad news, someone could do that without taking pictures. I wish I had gotten a picture of one that they had of this large purple glass bottle. It  was really pretty. I'm not sure what the bottle originally held since there was no label.

The Horsey Dentist was coming out to float teeth. What is floating? Well a horses teeth continue to grow all its life. Without regular visits from the dentist the teeth form points. Not on the bottom of the teeth, but on the outer edges. These points then poke and pinch the cheeks. This can cause sores and major discomfort, so much so that the horse may stop eating to avoid the pain or not chew well. Horses are not able to throw-up so if they swallow something that is too big they are very likely to choke on it. So floating is when the Dentist comes out and actually files the points of the teeth down. That's right, he has a set of different files that he actually uses on the horses teeth. No this doesn't hurt the horse and sometimes the horse actually likes it.

Here is a picture of Max with the mouth brace on so the Dentist can get to the back teeth. It will lock the horses mouth open so the Dentist can see in there and get to those teeth without the horse biting down.

Sorry for the blurry photo I was using my cellphone and there wasn't a lot of light in the barn and the Dentist was in the middle of filing so he was standing still. And here is Rhia getting her teeth filed. The Dentist hadn't moved on to the teeth farther back so he was able to file without the brace for a little while.

Horsey Dentist Dave was great! This is the first time we used him and I'm glad we switched he did really well with all the horses and was willing to ask any questions we had. I had asked him about wild horses and how they deal with there teeth. The problem is domesticated horse get pretty soft feed. We give them hay, maybe 8 hours of pasture and pellet grain. In the wild, horse are grazing for a good 14-16 hours or so. They also end up eating some sand and other things that grind their teeth naturally. They also only live to around 15 years old so it isn't like they have this extra ten years that they need to keep their teeth in shape for. And as sad as it may be if the horse doesn't find a way to keep its teeth in good shape then nature takes over and it is survival of the fittest.

After that I headed home and we had lunch and then got ready to go see a movie. What did we go see, well MIB 3 of course. Though it was almost The Avengers again since they started playing the wrong movie in our theater. The movie was pretty good but I'm not going to say it was the best movie I have seen this year.

How was everyone's Holiday Weekend?

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  1. Yard sales are the best for making a couple bucks! We had one right before we got married and we used it for our honeymoon. It was awesome!