Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time Keeps on Slippin' Slippin' Slippin'

.... Into the future. Yeah I know I've been gone for awhile. I have trouble setting up a blogging schedule and sticking to it. Sometimes I feel I have nothing to blog about and other times I do but I just don't make the time to write it all down. And time just seems to fly by. So here are some updates about what I have been up to. Sadly this is going to be a bit of a boring post because I can't find the USB cord for my camera.

Food - I've been baking my own honey wheat bread for sandwiches and honey wheat cinnamon bread for breakfast. I've gotten better but still haven't mastered it. My bread is made with whole wheat flour so it sometimes comes out kind of dense and dry. I've fixed the density issue some by adding more yeast. I just picked up whole wheat bread flour today to see if that makes a difference. We'll see when I make the next batch. It has just been so ridiculously hot that I hate baking, it just makes the kitchen unbearable. I try to do it either in the early morning or before bed.

House Hunting - This is still an ongoing process. I'm online everyday looking at what is listed for sale. Hoping for new listings or price reductions. I haven't had too much luck so far. I found one little house that we definitely could have afforded but it was a tiny 1 bedroom/1 bathroom house. We might have been able to build an addition in the future but for our immediate needs it would have been very tight. The bed room was only like 9x10. We'd be lucky to get the bed and a really small dresser in there maybe.

Life - I've been feeling a bit nostalgic lately. I may have to do with a few things. Next year is my 10 year high school reunion and I'm turning 27 this September. A lot of my high school friends are having their first or even their second child. I've started thinking about old friends. The ones that I haven't seen in over 13 years, all my middle school friends from North Dakota. This past weekend I decided to try and reach out to an old friend from middle school. We wrote to each other for a couple years when I moved to Connecticut but lost touch. So I decided on Friday to write a letter. That's right good, old snail mail. As far as I can tell by doing some googling it looks like Katie's family still live at the same house. So that is where I sent the letter and I'm hoping it will get to her. Now I just have to wait impatiently for some kind of response.

Hopefully, now I can try to get back into a blogging schedule and not disappear for so long again.

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