Monday, July 30, 2012

I ♥ the 90's!!!!

OK, so usually when bloggers take a vacation they don't blog at all or less. Well I guess I'm the opposite. Since we are on vacation but aren't actually going away, I have more time to blog.

Being born in 1985 makes me a child of the 90's. Which means I love my 90's music. Well on Sunday night we went to one of the best concerts ever, the Summerland Tour!


It is a tour that was created by lead singers Art Alexakis, Everclear and Mark McGrath, Sugar Ray.

They decided to get together some of the top bands from the 1990's and create a inexpensive tour. Tickets were only like $20!!!! The line-up included:

Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy

LIT - My Own Worst Enemy & Miserable

Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy, Follow You Down, and Found Out About You

Sugar Ray - Fly, Someday, Every Morning, and When Its Over

Everclear - Father of Mine, Be Careful What You Ask For, and I Will Buy You A New Life

The first 3 bands played for about a half hour each and then the last 2 for around 45 minutes each. The crew change setup between each band because they each had different instruments. The best part about this kind of concert is each band really only played their major hits that everybody knows. So you don't have to sit through a long concert with a bunch of songs you have never heard. Also a few times one of the bands would bring either some of the musicians or the lead singers of some of the other bands out onto stage to join them for a song.

I thought Gin Blossoms and Sugar Ray were the best. Mostly, because I know more of their songs compared to the other bands. Andrew and I aren't big fans of Everclear and Art seemed a little stiff and his voice sounded a little off, but the guy is 50 years old. Did you know Mark McGrath is 45. He is full of crazy amounts of energy. He did not stop moving and was hilarious. Everyone put on a great show and I can't wait until they come back again next year. Hopefully they can get some other big names from the the 90's like Smash Mouth, Eve 6, Vertical Horizon, or Chumbawamba.

Have you gone to any great concerts lately. Do you love the 90's as much as I do? Or maybe a different Era?

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