Monday, September 24, 2012

September Showers & September Flowers

So sometimes things work out the way you want and then other times things start to fall apart.

We have run into a bit of a problem with the house purchase. We finally got our appraisal report that our lender ordered. There are a few issues that the lender wants fixed before closing. However, because of the possible scope of the issues I have a feeling that the seller won't want to pay to fix them and we can't afford to raise our purchase price.

The issues are Chipped Paint and Roof Issues. The chipped paint is spread out all over the exterior of the house. I knew the property was going to need to be painted but I was thinking it was something we could either just touch-up for now or do a complete paint job next year. Check out the chippy goodness on the front of the garage.

But the lender requires the chippyness be taken care of prior to closing. I'm not sure to what extent this needs to be repaired maybe the seller can just hit the spots with a power washer and then touch-up the paint. If that is the case then it the seller may agree.

The roof issues are a totally different problem. We knew the roof was old but we were hoping that we could put off replacing it for a few years.

Totally not the case. It has been something like 3 weeks since the last time we walked through the house and it appears there has been some damage. The appraiser found water damage on the ceiling in one of the rooms on the 2nd floor. It seems that the roof has either just started leaking or has been leaking and has traveled from the attic through the insulation and ruined the ceiling. Our lender is requiring that a licensed roofer come in and certify the roof (it can't be in fair condition) and any water damage from the leak must be repaired. Since the roof was leaking I find it unlikely that a licensed roofer will certify that roof. I would think that it is going to need some repairs if not a complete overhaul. This is the situation that the hubby and I don't think that the seller will agree to. But maybe we'll get lucky and get an all new roof. More than likely I would think that no matter who buys this house that the seller would have to make the same repairs. The only way around it might be if they get a cash buyer or someone with renovation loan.

On a much happier note tomorrow is my birthday! And my sweet husband bought me some flowers today.

He was going to wait until tomorrow but he was afraid that they would die if we didn't put them into water today. Instead of going with the usual roses; he decided to get me green hydrangea, which were one of the flowers we used in our wedding.

It was such a surprise and super sweet. I love him so much. I have another post that will be coming up in the next few days hopefully. I'm writing a list of 30 things we'd like to do before we turn 30. I'm turning 27 this month and Andrew will be 27 in December. We thought about each doing our on lists but figured if we wanted to list things that we felt were actually attainable, so we decided to do a combined list.

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