Thursday, January 3, 2013

Featured Artist: Alyssa Watters

So this post has been sitting in my brain for a little while. I'm not sure if Featured Artist posts will become a regular series but you never know.

Today's featured artist is Alyssa Watters, owner of artbyalyssa. 

Alyssa Watters (photo credit artbyalyssa)

About the Artist
artbyalyssa is a company based in Beverly, Massachusetts. Founded by Alyssa Watters, artbyalyssa combines a love for oil painting with a passion for creating handmade gift products. Originally from Ledyard, Connecticut, Alyssa moved to Beverly in 2003 to attend Montserrat College of Art, and has been there ever since.

From the age of 16, Alyssa has worked in a handful of wonderful gift shops that have helped shape her into the person she is today. After getting her BFA, Alyssa managed one of the leading stationery shops on the North Shore. While running a shop, she also hosted solo art shows, experimented with creating gift products, attended local craft fairs and submitted her products for wholesale at local businesses.

In the beginning of 2011, Alyssa left her day job to pursue artbyalyssa full time. Today artbyalyssa can be found in seven states, at craft fairs throughout New England and at Alyssa's larger solo shows that she curates twice a year.

Personally, I didn't really know Alyssa in High School. We traveled in different circles and I don't think we had any classes together. I learned about her artwork on Facebook several years after we graduated.  Andrew, on the other hand, had been in art class with Alyssa and got to see some of her skills firsthand. When I heard that she would be selling her some of her prints and other items at Holdridge Home & Garden Showplace's Evening of Shopping on December 21st, I really wanted to go. Many of her paintings are of birds but she has also expanded her portfolio to include other items and New England themed designs such as the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, coastal themes and many more. You can see more of her work on her website

artbyalyssa display - This was from a different event because I wasn't able to get a photo of her table
with so many people huddled around her buying things. (photo credit: artbyalyssa)

Other than her originals and prints she also sells coasters, calendars, wine totes, pocket mirrors, key chains and more all with her designs on them. We bought 4 things, even though I probably would have bought her whole display if I had the money. We bought a print of an owl, a ceramic magnet with a New England Patriots helmet and two pocket mirrors. One mirror was for myself and had an owl on the back and the other was of a My Little Pony and was a Christmas present for one of my best friends.

This is the owl print that I bought. Now all I need is a frame for it. (photo credit artbyalyssa)

Pocket Mirrors - I bought the one with the owl in the bottom left corner. (photo credit artbyalyssa)
This is the painting that was printed on the pocket mirror I bought for my friend (photo credit artbyalyssa)

Below are a few of the paintings I found on her website that I'm in love with.

(photo credit artbyalyssa)

(photo credit artbyalyssa)

(photo credit artbyalyssa)

(photo credit artbyalyssa)

(photo credit artbyalyssa)

I could pick a bunch more but this post is already getting super picture heavy. You can see more of Alyssa's artwork on her website - 

Which ones do you like? Want to have a piece from artbyalyssa? Shop her Etsy store at

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