Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Snow Snow

We were hit by Winter Storm/Blizzard Nemo!


We got somewhere around a foot and a half or more of snow dumped on us at our apartment. Sadly I'm not able to post any pictures right now. Why? Well last night we lost power around 9ish. Without electricity we also lost heat because even though we have gas heat and baseboards they still need electricity to either pump in the gas or the hot water through the pipes or both. I'm not quite sure. Since our apartment isn't usually on the warm side that meant it started to get quite chilly. We ended up sleeping with sweatshirts on and added an extra quilt to the bed. After shoveling for 2 1/2 hours this morning we were able to get my RAV4 out of the driveway. The power has still not come back. So we decided to pack up ourselves and the two kitties and go stay the night at my Mother-in-law's house. Heat and hot food were too good to resist. The cat's are currently hiding under the futon we will be sleeping on tonight. Hopefully, the power will be back soon. While we were out shoveling and driving here we saw three locations where power lines were down in our neighborhood and two trees had split. I took pictures of the snow in front of our apartment house, around our cars and me standing in the snow. I will post those another time though because I forgot to bring the cord for may camera to my Mother-in-law's. Oops. :) All this snow made me feel like I'm back in my hometown out in North Dakota. Though maybe I'm wrong but I don't remember us ever losing power in ND during a blizzard. Maybe they just have stronger power line connections because they are use to a lot of snow. I hope the rest of my New England friends and family members are safe and staying warm.

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