Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Ponies & Peanut Butter

I spent several hours the morning of Mother's Day with my big baby. I went for a ride on Rhia and then got some great photos of the horses when we let them out for the first-time in a long time on the secondary pastures. They were in heaven with all the grass they could eat. So without further adieu, here are some happy pony photos.

Rhia looking pretty in her red halter - Watching Jimmy & Harriet finish the fences.

Rhia (Half Friesian) pigging out on yummy grass.

What are you looking at Mom?

Betty Boop (Quarter Horse) & Chammy (Morgan Horse) enjoying the Spring grass after a few rain storms.

Max (23 year old Morgan Horse) surrounded by Dandelions gone to seed.

Tuffy (Morgan Horse) always checking out what is going on around him.

Tuffy shaking out his mane.

Rhia & Max heads down in the tall grass.

With all the Dandelions gone to seed I figured I would try and get a nice detail shot of the puffs. I think it came out pretty good.

After I got back to the apartment and cleaned up we headed over to Andrew's Grandma's house for Mother's Day dinner with his grandparents and his Mom & her boyfriend. After we enjoyed some yummy lasagna, we headed over to my Mother-in-Law's house to watch the Bruins game. And of course laugh at one very goofy Maxwell. He really loves a Kong filled with peanut butter, sometimes he gets a little messy.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's day. I didn't get to see my mom because her and Dad are in New Orleans. Luckily, they weren't at the parade where the shooting happened on Monday. They have a way of always scheduling vacation over Mother's Day.

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