Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Puppy Brother!

Have you seen the adorable AT&T commercials where the guy is sitting with kids and asking them questions. Things like is it better to be faster or slower, Do you want more or less, etc... To which the kids give some of the cutest replies. One of my favorites is when the little girl says she would buy a Change-o machine and turn her brother into a puppy. Because when she brings him to show & Tell she can say here is my Puppy Brother.

Well Andrew has a puppy brother too, but he has always been a puppy. If you saw this post then you would have met Maxwell and seen his puppy pictures. He is now over 40 lbs and is more like a Doggy brother. He doesn't look much like a puppy anymore.

He's a Big Boy Now!

We went and spent Father's day with Andrew's side of the family. We had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house and played with Maxwell in the back yard a bit. Then headed back to my Mother-in-Law's and took some more pictures. I have borrowed my co-worker's Canon Rebel T1i and have had a ball playing with it. It takes great shots! Now I just need to find one of my own. Enjoy the cute shots of our Puppy Brother.

Frames out by the camera's sunshade!

Why are you still taking photos of me?

Sweet Face!

The regal basset profile.

Basset howl

I have decided that continuous shooting cameras were created for the purpose of taking pictures of running Basset Hounds. They are hilarious - flying ears and tongues.

Tired Bassets want to go inside after running around the yard for an hour or more!

He is so adorable. We just love our Puppy Brother. As long as he isn't trying to chew on us or our shoes. :)

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