Sunday, September 8, 2013

Oh The Places You Will Go!

So I have a few other posts that I should have posted before this one but I really wanted to get this one up. On Friday my mom and I loaded up my car with half of my niece's stuff and drove 3 hours to her new college to help her move into her dorm.

Jessie, my niece, and my Sister, Vicki, had gone up the night before so they would be there for the start of move in. This is Jessie first year of college. She has been very excited and a little nervous about going but I think she'll have a blast. She has 3 roommates. It looks like she will get along really well with them. Two of them are a bit more introverted compared to Jessie. But that just means she'll be good for them. She already talked them into going to the icebreaker event the first night, when they originally were just going to head back to the dorm. I brought my new camera. I bought a used Canon EOS Rebel T2i back in July after falling in love with my co-workers T1i that he let me borrow to take pictures of my niece's High School Graduation. Love It!

So, back to Jessie's move in day. Mom and I got there just after 11 am and Jessie and 2 of her roommates helped us unload the car. Vicki was at a meeting for all the parents so she wasn't there right when we showed up but joined us a bit later. I got to work trying to hook-up Jessie's new wireless printer with her laptop. Yeah long story short that didn't work out too well, so we had to take a half hour drive to the Walmart and pick up a USB cord. Basically, because so many people are using the schools wireless internet at one time that the wireless printer couldn't find the laptop to connect. But before we headed off to Walmart we decided to grab lunch at the amazing buffet they offer on campus. My favorites were the Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce over pasta and the super gooey brownies. Then Jessie showed us a few of the things and places on campus.

Abbey Hall - Jessie has a friend she met at an campus overnight staying in this dorm.

The best was the school's library and Sugar Shack. For those who don't know a Sugar Shack is where you make Maple Syrup.

Sugar Shack

Jessie really would like to get into that class - she loves her maple syrup. The barn on the other hand is GORGEOUS!! It is made from two old Civil War barns. You enter through the silo. I'm in love with the picture of the view up into the silo.

Library entrance - looking up into the silo.

Study area in library

After we were done walking around a bit we headed back to the dorm to get a few things to drive to the Walmart. We got her USB cord, some light bulbs, and a few other things. Then we headed back and finished getting things setup.

Mom and Vicki loading the mini fridge with water and juice.

Jessie sitting on her bunk.
I also took a few pictures of Jessie in front of her dorm.

Standing in front of her dorm.

We all said our goodbyes and headed on home. Andrew and I are going to miss seeing Jessie on the weekends. I hope she has a fantastic time at school and makes a ton of new friends.

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