Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot Days and Deals!!!

Welcome to Summer!!! Can we now go back to Spring. It is too damn hot in this apartment. OK so you know how people say OMG it is so hot. My house/apartment is really hot. Yeah you don't know what hot is until you live in my apartment. Unlike the winter time when you would think the heat from the first two floor apartments would rise and warm our apartment, totally must go right out the room because this place is freezing in winter, the heat loves to just hang-out in our apartment. Even once we get an AC in the bedroom window we will never suffer from it being too cold no matter how high or long it runs. We like to tell people how hot our apartment is and they are all like "Oh I know my place gets so hot too." But no you don't know. You know how you know your house or apartment has reached total hotness. When shredded cheese starts to melt on your tossed salad. That's right shredded cheese on cold lettuce and other cold veggies is melting. This totally happened the first year we moved in. We try to avoid this as much as possible. The second summer we were here we even resorted to 2 air conditioners. I think the kittens appreciated it during the day while we were at work.

On a much cooler note I went to one of the most amazing places ever today. I visited one of the mother ships today - DSW. That's right Designer Shoe Warehouse. 

If you don't have one near you, you need to find one. I was in search of a pair of flip flops. I had thrown out my only two pairs and hadn't gotten the chance to buy a new pair. Every so often the past month I would be getting dressed and remember that I did't have flip flops (Well damn this outfit will look stupid with sneakers, now I need to change my clothes). So before we get to what I bought lets talk about the crazy shoes I saw that I didn't buy. (Sorry for the blurry cellphone pics. I was trying to take them without looking like a total weirdo)

Really... Flowery tie-dyeish heels.

Dorthy's magic slippers have gone purple!

I think these shoes need to take a trip back through the time machine they showed up in.

So here are the flip flops that I bought today. I looked at a bunch of flippy flops but most of them were crap. There were the cheap plastic ones, a bunch of pairs that are made of hard cardboard or wood. The ones I found are nice and squishy. Great for walking around.

Of course while walking around DSW I decided that I can't leave without checking out the clearance section at the back of the store. Of course I found a pair of super cute Anne Klein open-toed heels. 

The amazing news is the heels were 70% off. That actually made them less then the flip flops.  The flippys and the heels only cost me just over $30 bucks. Score!!!!

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