Monday, June 18, 2012

Its a Bird, Its a Dragon, Its a Puggle...

So first up is a box full of some cupcakes that we got back at the beginning of the month. We decided to stop at the mall to look for a birthday gift and see what was going on. Our mall had just finished a bunch of renovations so they were having a Grand Re-opening celebration. Well, while we were there we found out that there was a new little cupcake bakery called Yellow Bird Cupcakes in the mall.

Yellow Bird Cupcakes

They had so many cool flavor combos and they were offering 20% off a dozen as part of the malls celebration. Here is an image of all the yummy cupcakes we bought.

From left to right:
Royal Bird - Chocolate fudge cupcake filled with rich chocolate mousse and covered with chocolate ganache.
Ooey Gooey Bird - Brown sugar cupcake filled with salted caramel and topped with salted caramel buttercream frosting
Scarlet Bird - Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting
Calypso Bird - Key lime cupcake with a lime glaze, topped with a freshly lime-zested buttercream frosting and a lime garnish
Sunny Bird - Tangy lemon cupcake with lemon curd filling and topped with lemon buttercream frosting
Hopping Bird - Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and walnuts
Calypso Bird
Sunny Bird
Beanie Bird - Moist vanilla cupcake with rich vanilla buttercream frosting
Scarlet Bird
Cordial Bird - Mint chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and mint buttercream frosting
Royal Bird

And they we so yummy though I felt the Carmel was too salty in the Ooey Gooey Bird.

So on our anniversary we went to Get Fired Up! A little ceramics painting shop. They have all these unglazed ceramics that you can paint and then they fire them for you and you come back and pick them up a week later. Andrew decided to paint a dragon and I painted a large trivet. For mine I used the pattern from our wedding invitations and wedding colors, then put our wedding date in the center. Because they had so many pieces they ended up doing an extra kiln firing so our pieces were actually ready on Saturday.

Here are the in progress shots

And here is the final piece after being fired. I think I'll get a plate hanger so I can put it up.

Andrew loves dragons and the color blue so what better then a blue dragon. Here is my hubby painting away.

Finished and Fired breathing.

I think they came out great! And while we were walking around we decided to stop in a few thrift/antique shops. In one they had a bunch of antique and vintage pieces of furniture. This little crib was my favorite though by today's safety standards the sides probably wouldn't be considered high enough, but I loved it.

Especially once you put a mattress in there. But look at the detail of the headboard. One really cool thing is if you lift out center mattress supports the two end sides are hinged so they fold in and the whole thing flattens. It also has little wheels on the bottom of all four feet. I think I may have really considered buying it if we were having a baby any time soon. It was priced at $350, though I'd really have to consider the safety issue.

And last but not least we went to visit our friends Mike and Kristan. They moved into a new apartment that is closer to us then they used to be and just got a new puppy. Little Raisin is around 9 or 10 weeks old and is a puggle (Pug x Beagle). She is so cute and really loved the toys we brought her especially the squeaky orange tire.

We kind of tuckered her out. Her mom and dad appreciated that since the got at least 7 hours of sleep. A new puppy has been kind of like a new baby. With some sleepless nights and a lot of whining. :) But who could resist this cuteness.

Well I guess I really need to start blogging more often so I don't keep making these really long posts.

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